Best Payout Online Slot Casinos

Best payout casinos are online casinos with the highest payout percentages. If you’re a new online gambler, you may be curious as to why you should try and find the best payout online casinos. If you are, don’t worry. The team here at FreeSlotSMania will tell you exactly why you should seek them out, as well as how to find high paying online slots. Online Gamblers who haven’t put some time into searching for top-rate online casinos with the best payouts have really done themselves a disservice.

Best Payout Online Casinos

100% up to $3000
150+ Slots
98.9% Payout

200% up to $1000
230+ Slots
98.5% Payout

100% up to $1000
230+ Slots
98.7% Payout

200% up to $1,000
160+ Slots
98.9% Payout

What exactly is a payout percentage?

High Paying Slots

Before we go on to tell you why you should look for the best payout casinos, we simply need to explain what the term means. Once you understand the phrase, we’re quite sure you’ll be able to determine why you should go looking for one of the best payout casinos.

In essence, the payout percentage is a number that allows players to instantly see how much money a casino pays out in winnings to it players. This is always given in a percentage. If the payout percentage is 97%, this means that for every $100 wagered at the casino, $97 is paid out in winnings to players, with the casino taking $3 as a profit.

It must be stressed though; this does not mean that every player who wagers $100 will only lose $3. The payout percentages are thoroughly worked out across hundreds of players and hundreds of games. Gamblers can still lose everything, or win it all, it just depends on lady luck. The payout percentage will still indicate which casinos pay out more often than others, giving gamblers slightly better odds.

Best Payout Online Slots

Looking for the Best Payout Casinos? Go Online!

If you’re serious about finding one of the best payout casinos around, where should you look? We can really advise you from now to forget about land-based casinos. Online casinos websites can offer slightly higher payout percentages than brick-and-mortar.

The best payout percentage casinos will often proudly display their payout percentages for all to see, as well as informing players of which organizations can verify these figures. We’re sure you can now agree that finding an online casino with a high audited payout percentage is extremely important.

Online casino games with the best payout percentages

Now that you know how to find the best payout slot casinos, you may be saying that it’s all well and good, but which games should you play? well a good question to ask, so let’s go through to some casino games you should play online.