Biggest Progressive Payouts Online

Progressive jackpots are jackpots that increase by a small amount each time the game is played. Progressive jackpot slots can be stand alone or linked. Stand-alone progressive jackpots are jackpots that apply to only one slot machine. Linked progressive jackpots are jackpots that link across many online casinos. Here many machines link to one jackpot and produce the best progressive jackpot figures. The machines link together via the same game, different games, same online casino or many casinos.

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Which Progressive Jackpots are Better?

Many suggest linked progressive jackpot wins are the best. The simple reason is because they grow more rapidly as more players are wagering on the machine at once. These jackpots also come with more machines and greater perks. In many instances, these slot machines are often cheaper than stand-alone progressive jackpots. They also produce giant jackpot potential to win big in comparison to the smaller progressive jackpots produced by stand-alone machines. Some of the most popular progressive slots are; Mega Fortune jackpot, Fortune Jackpot Slot and the Mega Moolah Jackpot.

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