Underground Gambling

Casinos are now legal in many countries, however, that has not stopped a worrying increase in underground gambling activities across the country. An indication of this is that an illegal club in Richmond, posing as a karaoke bar, was shut down last December by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The question one needs to ask is, why is illegal gambling on the rise when legal gambling is a thriving industry?


Gamblers currently don’t have to pay taxes on lottery or casino wins that occur in the country. However, any wins that occur when played through an online casino based outside of Canada, will more often than not be taxed. To avoid this occurring a lot of players choose to stay under the radar and play at underground gambling clubs.

Another consideration is that there is usually no minimum bet at underground casinos. Furthermore, players can bet with items instead of money, which is sometimes in short supply. It is not uncommon for cars, drugs, watches, phones etc. to be used as collateral in illegal gambling houses.

As far as bookmakers go, they don’t need to pay any taxes themselves, which means they can offer players more attractive odds and still come out on top. Players who become familiar with underground bookies can also place bets by phone which is convenient.

Another consideration is the addiction of the thrill of gambling and placing bets in seedy underworld environments. Some people seem to thrive in these sorts of illegal situations and prefer it to legal casinos. One downside players have to consider, however, is if there are any issues or if anything goes wrong, there is no room for help from authorities. Lawless individuals or casinos could simply ignore what you say and not pay out. You as a player would have no legal possibilities and it could very well turn into a dangerous situation.

A final consideration is that because these establishments are not audited and licensed, there is no telling if games could be rigged, or if dealers are dishonest. If players accused anyone of anything, it could become a dangerous very quickly. With illegal activities comes an obvious criminal element, which is something to be avoided. This is why police have been so determined recently to crack down on illegal gambling such as the den in Richmond recently.



Police were able to investigate and determine that an illegal gambling operation was being held in the industrial area in Richmond. The building that was being used at the time was over 2000 square feet, with two levels in use. Unlicensed alcohol was being served, and two floors of underground gambling was set up for players. This is clearly an indication of the size and scale of the problem at hand, as it was no small operation.

Over twenty patrons were found on the premises when police entered and shut the establishment down. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have already stated they will be working closely with Richmond to deal with the increase of such issues and the associated safety concerns that also arise. It is worth noting that a mansion was also seized in early 2017, in Richmond, that was being used as a gambling den. Other illegal activities were also being practiced, and the concern is that illegal gambling dens may promote or foster other illegal activities as well. This issue remains a serious concern across many countries, and we hope it can be cut down in 2018.